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  • What is a Virtual Pilates Class? (coming soon)

    It's a class that you sign up for. Then, you log in and join the class 5 minutes before the class starts. You will see our instructor leading the class through a curated pre-recorded video. The instructor is live, and will be watching and form correcting you as you exercise. Only the instructor will see you, the other students will not see you exercise. It's the best of both worlds, Live Streaming and Video, all in one class!

  • What is an Unattended Virtual Class? (coming soon)

    This is a video only class. There is no live instructor present, and therefore it is available at a reduced price: $5 for Virtual Mat, and $10 for Virtual Reformer classes. It is free when the class is scheduled and the instructor is unable to attend.

  • What is Video on Demand?

    This is a video only class that can be viewed at any time, provided you have the subscription. There is no live instructor present.

  • How can I join an Unattended Virtual Class? (coming soon)

    This option is available only when the Virtual class is full and a student joins a waitlist, or if the class has started without an instructor.

  • I'm new to Virtual Pilates, what should I do? (coming soon)

    If you have done Pilates before, but have never tried to workout in a virtual class, it won't be that different. Check out our Tips page for some tips on setting up your mat and positioning your laptop or iPad.

  • What should I wear?

    You should be dressed in comfortable clothing.

  • How much time should I give myself to arrive before the class? (coming soon)

    We recommend arriving 5 minutes before class, so that you have time to setup your device (laptop, iPad, etc.) in order for your teacher to see you.

  • Is there a grace period for arriving late to class? (coming soon)

    There is a 20 minute grace period. After 20 minutes, you will not be able to join the class. However, we strongly urge our students to show up on time since the first 5 minutes are used to warm up the muscles, and missing that stage is not optimal

  • What is your cancellation policy? (coming soon)

    We require a notice of cancellation 2 hour or more before the class start time in order to free up your spot and credit your account. See our policies

  • I'm pregnant, and I'm not sure what level of class I should take?

    If you're in your first trimester, and your doctor allows you to take Pilates classes, then you may sign up for a Beginner class.

  • I'm interested in teaching Pilates and joining the Pilates By Sylvia team

    Drop us a line

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